web site & automation

The real estate website, is designed to integrate with MSL/ IDX real-estate platform and automation platform.

We host the website and customize it to the need of the broker, agent or realtor keeping in mind that it needs to interact with IDX, MSL real-estate listing and bring that data automatically into the website and update it on a real-time basis. This way 100's of listings will be brought into the website, together with the user’s local unique listings. This gives the web site visitor a better impression of the agency and gives one many choices to select his/her desired property.

Now that the web site visitor has a choice of properties to choose from, he/she spends more time on the website. Every 30 seconds or so we automatically bring a popup to capture the lead of the web visitor. This way we collect many leads that would never have been captured if not for the web site.
Once the lead is captured, automation platform will start interacting with the customer by capturing the lead and starting the selling process as defined by the owner of the website. The platform then onwards, will help the website owner from lead nurturing to accounting and all the 100's of tasks in-between like, sending out contracts for signing, auto responses to the client, organizing the client actions/correspondence in one location, and many more.

  • android Device
  •  iOS Device
  • phone and tablet
    and other devices 
  • All main Browser s
    Compatabilty Checked